Peter McCaffrey

POSITION/INSTRUMENT(s): Interim Principal Cellist


HOMETOWN: Winnetka, Illinois

COLLEGE(s) ATTENDED: University of Southern California

COLLEGE MAJOR(s): Cello Performance, Bachelors of Music & Master of Music

PRIVATE TEACHERS: Eleanore Schoenfeld, Richard Hirschl, and Gilda Barston

HOBBIES: running, playing in a rock band, USC football

FAVORITE MUSICAL ARTIST(s)/GROUP(s): The Takacs Quartet, The Beatles, U2

FAVORITE COMPOSER(s): Ludwig van Beethoven

MOST INTERESTING ASPECT(s) OF BEING A MUSICIAN: I love seeing an audience emotionally affected by a great performance.

ADVICE FOR YOUNG MUSICIANS: Work on your rhythm. Most students become so obsessed with playing in tune that they forget to work on rhythm. Really good rhythm is much rarer than really good intonation.